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Public colleges and universities in Georgia will soon be mailing letters to the state’s 120,000 high school seniors, urging them to apply to any of 45 state institutions.

The effort is part of a new direct admissions program, called the Georgia Match, launched by the state Thursday, according to the Associated Press. The program guarantees students who meet certain academic criteria, which vary from institution to institution, admission as long as they apply.

The state’s 22 technical colleges, as well as 23 of the 26 University System of Georgia institutions, are participating. The University of Georgia, Georgia Tech and Georgia College and State University are not participating, because they require a standardized test score and consider factors beyond students’ GPA for admissions.

Governor Brian Kemp attended an event announcing the program and urged more young Georgians to go to college. He said doing so would help them get better-paying jobs and lead to a better-educated state workforce.

All the participating institutions, as well as Georgia Tech, are waiving application fees during November to encourage students to apply.