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Two Duke Dining staff members smile at a table featuring a peanut-free friendly zone ice sculpture to share the launch of the Ask Me program.

Allergen Program Provides Comfort and Confidence in Dining

Duke University’s “Ask Me” allergen program trains dining staff to serve as allergen experts, creating a safer environment for students with food allergies.

A group of happy-looking students wearing black and yellow-gold swag and gear pose on the University of Maryland Baltimore County campus, presumably for orientation.

Orientation for ‘Gen P’

New student orientation satisfaction rates fell early in the pandemic but they’re back up, according to Student Voice survey data. First-year experience leaders say it’s not business as usual: less is now more.

Two students sitting next to each other in class are writing. Their phones are not visible.

Student Wellness Tip: Support Tech Breaks, in Class and on Campus

Helping students to disconnect involves encouraging self-reflection on technology use, no-tech class activities and apps and phone settings that provide motivation for more no-mobile-device time.

Two students sit at their desks with notebooks open.

Academic Success Tip: Set Student Expectations for a Course

Starting off the semester on a high note requires that students understand course and classroom expectations. Professors can get the message across with these strategies.

A young woman in a red flannel holds up her credit card as she makes a purchase on her cellphone.

Professors Bust Myths in Tech Shopping

Many students are unaware of the hidden costs of higher education. Professors can help make college affordable by providing insight into the educational program and the needed equipment for the program.

A group of students in a lecture hall raises their hands.

How Community College Alumni View the Value of Higher Ed

Report finds fewer than half of community college alumni believe their degree helped advance their career.

A young professional speaks with an older man.

Serving Students Beyond the 9-5

Colleges and universities look to increase the availability of campus services by changing staff hours and working locations. What is driving this trend and how can department heads decide what works best?

A man sits in front of a camera to deliver a speech.

Academic Success Tip: Adapt In-Class Presentation Models

To help alleviate student anxieties and accommodate English language learners, a Villanova University professor allows students to prerecord their final presentations. As a result, students have performed better and embraced more dynamic and engaging styles.