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Two students sit at their desks with notebooks open.

Academic Success Tip: Set Student Expectations for a Course

Starting off the semester on a high note requires that students understand course and classroom expectations. Professors can get the message across with these strategies.

A young woman in a red flannel holds up her credit card as she makes a purchase on her cellphone.

Professors Bust Myths in Tech Shopping

Many students are unaware of the hidden costs of higher education. Professors can help make college affordable by providing insight into the educational program and the needed equipment for the program.

A young professional speaks with an older man.

Serving Students Beyond the 9-5

Colleges and universities look to increase the availability of campus services by changing staff hours and working locations. What is driving this trend and how can department heads decide what works best?

A man sits in front of a camera to deliver a speech.

Academic Success Tip: Adapt In-Class Presentation Models

To help alleviate student anxieties and accommodate English language learners, a Villanova University professor allows students to prerecord their final presentations. As a result, students have performed better and embraced more dynamic and engaging styles.

Concept image of a man's hand touching an email icon floating over his laptop keyboard.

Getting the Message—to Study Economics

First-generation students are underrepresented in economics, but a new study finds that messaging students about why they should major in the field closes this gap.

An aerial shot of Columbus State Community College

Housing Program for Students in Need Evolves

With new funding and operational changes, Columbus State Community College will continue its housing support program partnership for students needing short- and long-term assistance.

LaGuardia Community College students smile for a photo on a rooftop in Manhattan.

Apprenticeships Prove Successful for 2-Year Degree Seekers

LaGuardia Community College, alongside the CUNY system, expanded apprenticeship offerings for STEM students. After the first year, 100 percent of graduates landed full-time jobs at the host company.

Shot of feet in sneakers with white arrows pointing in all different directions on the ground around them.

Students’ Insights on Orientation

Students tend to rate their orientation experiences highly, according to a new Student Voice survey. Yet data suggest modality matters in student satisfaction, and there’s a gap between what students want from orientation and what they’re getting out of it.