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Students pose on the wings of small airplanes at California Baptist University's flight facility near Riverside, Calif.

Positive Partnership: Pilot Scholarship Program Brings URM Students to New Heights

California Baptist University signed an agreement with Alaska Airlines to provide scholarship dollars for aspiring pilots from underrepresented backgrounds, establishing a talent pipeline into aviation.

Hands type on a laptop keyboard while search icons and the letters "AI" emerge over the keyboard (stock photo with conceptual elements)

Survey: How AI Is Impacting Students’ Career Choices

The rise of artificial intelligence is influencing what many students want to study and pursue as a career, according to a new flash survey from Student Voice. Students also say they want to be prepared for AI and the workplace.

A small group of university students are seen sitting side by side at a desk in class as they work on an assignment. They each have books open in front of them as they collaborate and share ideas.

Colleges and Universities Invest in Transfer Student Success

To promote successful transfer between community colleges and four-year universities, institutional partnerships are addressing barriers and providing more streamlined methods.

College friends walking on campus and talking, having break after classes.

College Students Provide Mental Health Education to Peers

Learners show a preference for working with peers in addressing their mental health concerns. Here are six examples of peer-led supports offered by higher education institutions.

Vibrant full-length shot of diverse group of students studying together at table in college lab

Career Prep Tip: Specialized Programming for Neurodiverse Students

As the number of college students with disabilities grows, more institutions are investing in individualized programs and initiatives to support their career development and workforce readiness.

U Chicago's Phoenix STEM students smile in downtown Chicago.

Success Program Launch: Scholarship Supports Diversity in STEM

This academic year, 20 students at the University of Chicago began receiving institutional support and additional scholarship money to support their academic pursuits in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

A supervisor trains a new hire on a computer. Both women are wearing headsets and professional clothing.

Program Innovation: Increasing and Improving On-Campus Work Experiences

University leaders at Binghamton University look to improve student career readiness by creating new and enhancing existing on-campus work opportunities.

Two male university students hanging out on a campus's lawn

Student Wellness Tip: Create Mental Health Day Reflections

Excused absences for mental health days are growing more common for K-12 learners, but most institutions of higher education don’t allow the same flexibility. One professor shares how he offers—and holds students accountable for—mental health breaks.