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A drawing of an obviously stressed-out and overwhelmed female college student lying down, one hand on her head, and surrounded by notebooks and books.

The Liberal Arts’ Role in Mental Health

Discouraging students from studying fields they’re drawn to isn’t helping their mental health, Rosario Ceballo writes.

Black teacher explains engineering to students using an interactive whiteboard.

Report: STEM Classes With Racial, Socioeconomic Representation Boost Student GPA

A new study published in the American Educational Research Association’s journal found, when classes are more diverse, all students achieve higher grades.

A screenshot of Franklin University's Pathway Portal

Portal Promotes Successful Transfer From Community College to Private U

Franklin University created an online portal to guide community college students as they consider transferring and decide to start that process. The pathway decreases chances of credit loss and keeps students from paying for courses that do not count toward a degree.

Yale Report Shows Grade Inflation Is Real

Roughly 79 percent of the grades awarded at Yale University in the 2022–23 academic year were A’s or A-minuses, according...
Two young men take an exam

Academic Success Tip: Help Students Prepare for Final Exams

Exams can place exceptional stress on students. Here are four ways practitioners can mitigate student stress and set them up for success.

University students hanging out on campus main lawn on a sunny day

Report: 6 Ways to Strengthen Transfer Pipelines

A new report from the Campaign for College Opportunity identifies gaps in transfer student experiences that negatively impact these students’ ability to earn a bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution, as well as recommendations for improvement related to partnerships, advising, targeted supports and cultural change.

Three students and a faculty member work with plants in Mizzou's Interdisciplinary Plant Group research center.

Academic Success Tip: Open Doors to Research in Students’ First Year

A long-running first-year undergraduate research initiative at the University of Missouri expands opportunities for students studying natural sciences to get engaged in hands-on learning earlier.

Four people work on laptops and tablets at a round white table.

Academic Success Tip: Broaden Office Hours Across Disciplines

Rather than hosting office hours one-on-one in a faculty member’s office, Virginia Commonwealth University organizes gatherings for multiple faculty members in a common space, making the experience more welcoming to students.