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Job Trends

This year's crop of back-to-school analyses has a heavy focus on jobs. Peter Stokes dissects what that means for colleges and students.

Beyond Grades

Next wave of student learning assessments from testing firms could be boon for employers and competency-based education.

Unpaid Internships Not Dead Yet

Despite all the hoopla about a recent court victory for unpaid interns, the case's significance for colleges may be limited.

Career Planning Beyond the B.A.

If the quest to help prepare students for careers after graduation, colleges have an ally in "XBA" programs, writes Peter Olson.

Now What?

Now that the graduation ceremonies and celebrations are over, Barbara Schneider and Richard Settersten turn to the question on the minds of graduates and their parents: What comes next?

Let’s Make a Deal

Barry University considers asking potential contractors if they’ll provide employment opportunities to students, reflecting increased pressure colleges face to help students get jobs.

Career Services Must Die

Colleges are not professionally developing students the way they should be, and the solution is to blow up the current system and follow a new blueprint, report argues.

A Degree Still Helps

New study finds that recent college graduates weathered the recession better than their 21- to 24-year-old counterparts with only a high school diploma.