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An aerial shot of an internal event at Beloit College introducing the launch of the School of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurships and the School of Health Sciences

Success Program Launch: Liberal Arts College Puts Careers in Focus

Building off the success of Career Channels, Beloit College will open two new schools to promote professional development and job exploration for students as part of its upcoming Impact Beloit initiative.

Two researchers wearing white lab coats, blue rubber gloves and safety goggles handle test tubes in a lab.

Scaling Up: Connecting Experiential Learning Offerings

Illinois Tech created a one-stop platform for learners to identify experiential learning opportunities on campus and integrate hands-on learning throughout their college experience.

A young man works with his laptop open using a pencil and notebook, studying in a common area during the daytime.

Career Prep Tip: Teach Students to Work Alongside AI

Students want more guidance around using artificial intelligence, and at Student Success US, career services professionals discussed the role of institutions in preparing learners for the jobs of the future.

Scales balance money and textbooks

Data Show Strong Return on Investment for UNC Grads

A new report shows that 94 percent of the system’s undergraduate degree programs yield positive economic outcomes for graduates.

Students network with employers in a round table format at Santa Clara University's Diversity Works Expo event

Career Prep Tip: Host a Reverse Career Fair

Flipping the model of a career fair can highlight students’ skills and talents while giving employers more time to engage with candidates of interest.

A book cover featuring a woman wearing a graduation cap with a dartboard on it is juxtaposed next to a picture of Jessi Streib, a light-brown-haired woman with glasses.

Opaque Hiring Practices Create Income Equality

The author of The Accidental Equalizer discusses the “luckocracy” that results in students from disparate backgrounds earning similar pay after college.

Students taking a test

Oregon Approves Alternative to Bar Exam

Law school graduates will be able to practice after 675 hours working with a licensed attorney in the state and an examination of their work by the State Board of Bar Examiners.

Jane Swift, a light-skinned woman with long gray hair wearing a black shirt, sits at her desk at the Education at Work headquarters in Arizona.

How Jane Swift Is Supporting Meaningful Student Work

In this Q&A, Swift, new president of the nonprofit Education at Work, shares how her organization is working with colleges and corporations to help students gain valuable, and paid, real-world experiences—plus what she thinks career centers and educators must do to better prepare students.