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Young adult Hispanic female sitting at a desk in a library working on a computer

Career Prep Tip: Workforce Simulations for Experiential Learning

Stony Brook University integrates technology into career development opportunities, helping students land jobs and build experience for their lives after college.

Students walk across the central thoroughfare of a college campus, University of St. Thomas Houston.

Democrats and Republicans Alike Still See Value in a Degree

Americans may not be happy with higher education, but regardless of political affiliation, most still see its “value,” according to a new Third Way survey.

A female instructor stands in front of a small class, explaining a concept.

Survey: Students Turn to Faculty for Career Advice

New research from the National Association for Colleges and Employers shows how students and recent alumni look to their professors for help in their post-graduation plans. While some faculty aren’t confident in giving career advice, administrators can take five actions to support that work.

Group of students in a creative office space

Program Innovation: Accelerator Programs for Student Entrepreneurs

Many college students are interested in starting their own businesses. Colleges can support their passions by providing real-world experiences to get them started.

A young man shakes hands with a person across the table, smiling, in an office.

Career Prep Tip: Innovating the Mock Interview

Career centers and other higher education professionals can level up students’ professional interview preparation with one of these ideas.

Student audience wearing gown and mortarboards during a graduation ceremony.

Graduation Is Around the Corner, But Are Seniors Ready?

A new report from Handshake evaluates soon-to-be alumni’s readiness for their lives after graduation and their priorities after finishing school.

How Should We Measure Post-College Outcomes? Key Podcast

This month’s episode of The Key podcast explores a vexing question: How might policy makers and college leaders go about...
A female instructor stands in front of a small class, explaining a concept.

Students Needing Career Advice Turn to Faculty

A new survey from the National Association for Colleges and Employers finds professors are often asked to support students in their career choices, but not all faculty are ready to give that advice.