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A young person holds a pen and paper while talking with an older person, smiling.

Career Prep Tip: Incorporate Career Interviews Into a First-Year Seminar

As part of a larger career-readiness curriculum, students at Polk State College complete an interview with someone in their desired career field to learn more about the job and if it aligns with their interests.

Mature businessman mentors younger colleague working on laptop at desk

Success Program Launch: Support Pathway for Completion, Career Launch

A partnership between the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and the Arkansas Center for Data Sciences helps address computer science and cybersecurity workforce needs in the state.

A sticker on the door to an office is in the foreground, with two people talking around a desk in the background. The sticker is white, with a yellow crest and the words "Career Champion" printed in black

Success Program Launch: Creating Career Champions on Campus

Virginia Commonwealth University offers practical training to faculty and staff on how to incorporate career readiness into their work with students.

A student wearing a graduation robe and cape fixes a peer's graduation cap

Survey: Graduate Students Expect a Financial Return on Investment

A new survey finds graduate students want greater transparency about outcomes prior to enrolling in an advanced degree program.

Two businesswomen talk in the office with digital tablet

Career Prep Tip: Helping Students Find a Professional Mentor

Colleges and universities turn to their alumni cohorts to aid students in developing professional and life skills.

Jason Brummond holds copies of the Solon Economist and the Mount Vernon-Lisbon Sun.

How Iowa Student Journalists Saved 2 Small-Town Papers

In what may be the first such acquisition of its kind, the independent student paper at Iowa’s flagship university has purchased two local weekly newspapers.

Students and faculty at Tennessee Tech wander through student poster boards in a multipurpose room

Career Prep Tip: Create Forums for Student Competition, Achievement

University-hosted events can offer experiential learning and professional development opportunities for students to launch them into their careers and recognize their individual talents.

A group of young people sit at tables in a classroom doing work and smiling at the camera.

Helping Local Nonstudents Find Internships

Prairie State College in Illinois connects underemployed young people in the local Cook County area with internships—and, sometimes, an education.