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The Flipped Career Fair

Washington University in St. Louis is slimming down career fairs to appeal to specific industries and majors, and turning the tables so employers pitch students.

Qualified in Their Own Minds

New survey shows students think they're more prepared for the work force than employers believe they are. The question, its authors ask, is what will anyone do about it?

Business and the Liberal Arts

The best preparation for life and career -- be it in finance, entrepreneurship or something else -- is a liberal arts degree, writes Edgar M. Bronfman.

Higher Education's Payoff

A report from the College Board finds that bachelor's-degree recipients earn 65 percent more over a 40-year, full-time work life than high school graduates do.

Job Trends

This year's crop of back-to-school analyses has a heavy focus on jobs. Peter Stokes dissects what that means for colleges and students.

Beyond Grades

Next wave of student learning assessments from testing firms could be boon for employers and competency-based education.

Unpaid Internships Not Dead Yet

Despite all the hoopla about a recent court victory for unpaid interns, the case's significance for colleges may be limited.

Career Planning Beyond the B.A.

If the quest to help prepare students for careers after graduation, colleges have an ally in "XBA" programs, writes Peter Olson.