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Concerns About Online Cheating Decline

A new survey found instructors are less concerned about students cheating in online courses than they were at the start of the pandemic. But experts say there is still plenty to worry about.

More Support for COVID-19–Affected Professors

Two years into the pandemic, Stanford University is offering junior faculty members another pretenure year or an additional quarter of research leave, plus childcare and research grants. Will other institutions follow suit?

A Trans Swimmer Roils Women’s Sports

The dominance of Penn’s Lia Thomas has many decrying her success, though definitive research that might guide the conversation is lacking. Now the NCAA is making up the rules as it goes along.

Biological Gender in Fair Competitive Sports Policy

Allowing biologically male athletes on female teams will continue a practice of unfair sex-based disadvantage for women at our colleges and universities, argues Angie Kirk.

Limited Entry to Japan

Country lets in 87 international students out of 147,000 waiting to return.

Discontinuing the COVID Dashboard

The University of Florida has stopped updating its dashboard. Will more colleges follow suit?

Colleges Lead on COVID-19 Testing as Omicron Surges

Throughout the pandemic, colleges have served as COVID-19 testing sites for their local communities. Some institutions are developing new testing methods of their own.

Gender Identity Norms Shift, and Institutions Move to Reflect Them

Institutions are tweaking campus information systems to make them better reflect students’ gender identities but are finding the technology to do so challenging.