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New Bomb Threats Evoke Past Fears

Repeated bomb threats at historically Black universities and colleges over the past month are raising concerns and prompting conversations about historical violence fueled by racism.

Multiple Suicides Leave WPI Reeling

A spate of student deaths has deeply shaken Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Student mental health issues, worsened by the pandemic, are a concern that extends to campuses across the U.S.

A Massive Disruption, a Range of Student Reactions

Age, gender and year in college affected how likely students were to struggle with remote learning and mental health challenges during the pandemic, according to the National Survey of Student Engagement.

Connecting With Students by Hearing Their Personal Stories

Faculty, staff and administrative efforts to build trust can help make college students feel understood.

Biological Essentialism Hurts All Athletes

Isaac Sederbaum responds to a recent Inside Higher Ed opinion piece on women and college sports, citing four major issues with it, including flawed research and bigotry.

Seeing Students for Who They Are and Where They’ve Been

How precollege experiences and students’ identities shape the challenges they face and connections they make in postsecondary education.

Changed Political Winds in Virginia Shift Vaccine Policy

The new Republican attorney general in Virginia says public colleges lack authority to mandate COVID-19 vaccines, reversing the opinion of his Democratic predecessor.

Concerns About Online Cheating Decline

A new survey found instructors are less concerned about students cheating in online courses than they were at the start of the pandemic. But experts say there is still plenty to worry about.