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Hazing Beyond the Frat House

Most people know hazing happens outside fraternities and sororities. But a tragedy at Florida A&M makes it harder to ignore.

How to Define Disability

Federal appeals court rejects suit by woman kicked out of medical school, and backs college groups on issues related to bias claims.

The 'Boy Problem' Examined

Girls of most racial groups are outpacing their brothers in attaining college degrees by almost 15 percent, a University of Michigan study shows.

Major Engagement

This year's National Survey of Student Engagement broke down learning by major, and while some students are working more than others, they're not necessarily more prepared.

Dropping F-Bombs

Two staffers at Oberlin, working off hours, created website promoting their alma mater. Every line features a word most colleges would never use in their marketing.

Guns Come to Campuses

As more states allow concealed carry, colleges reluctantly make changes.

New Scrutiny for Sex Assault Cases

Jury finds Sewanee negligent in its handling of a judicial hearing stemming from a rape accusation.

Don't Mention Virginia Tech

A computer science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, feeling isolated and alienated in a department where he was a...