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Three badges on an orange browser window on an orange background

Academic Success Tip: Incorporate Digital Badging for Individualized Learning

A Brenau University education professor added digital badges to an online course to motivate students to take responsibility for their learning and provide equitable grading standards.

A cluster of seven brightly colored speech bubbles, in seven different colors, against a sky-blue background.

No, There’s No Free Speech Crisis

The “speech crisis” narrative is incorrect, even as it risks becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy—and even as lawmakers use it to hammer higher ed, Elizabeth Niehaus writes.

Students walk on York College's campus on a sunny day.

Laying a Path to Get Students ‘Back on Track’

An established mentorship program at York College in Pennsylvania boosts grade point averages among students on academic probation—and students report better time management, focus and other positive behavior changes.

Blue flags with the word "Law" printed on them are attached to lightposts on Yale Law School's campus.

Free Speech Requirements Proposed for Law Schools

The proposal by the accrediting arm of the American Bar Association comes in the wake of multiple incidents of law school students shouting down speakers.

Two students wearing hard hats and flannels face away from the camera to evaluate a construction site

Success Program Launch: Free College for In-Demand Workforce

Starting this fall, Colorado community and technical colleges will cover student tuition, fees and course materials costs for seven professional certifications or degrees.

A group of nursing students sits around a long conference table looking at the instructor

Academic Success Tip: Successful Onboarding of Graduate Students

Adelphi University’s College of Nursing and Public Health equips graduate students with resources, services and tools needed to succeed in a monthlong program at the beginning of their studies.

Yale Slams Police Union ‘Survival Guide’

The Yale Police Benevolent Association, a union representing Yale University’s campus police, handed out pamphlets to freshmen containing “disturbing and...

George Washington U Will Arm 2 Officers

Despite student pushback, George Washington University is moving ahead with plans to arm some of its police officers, the institution...