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More Professors Ditch Print

A majority of faculty members say the pandemic affected their course structures last year. Only 15 percent thought changes were for the better.

Online Learning Era Neglects Blind Students' Needs

A year after many campuses transitioned to remote instruction, blind students continue to encounter barriers that undermine their learning.

Open Access Comes to Selective Journal

Nature sets article processing charge at the equivalent of $11,250 for researchers selecting open-access publishing.

Intellectual Property ‘Grab’

Youngstown State faculty members say university is trying to seize all rights to their intellectual property.

A Landmark Open-Access Agreement

A new deal between the University of California system and publisher Springer Nature will transform the way the institution pays to publish and access research.

Complicated Picture for the Humanities

By some measures, the humanities are in decline. By others, their death has been overstated. A new report offers some data from before the pandemic.

Overdue: Closing Libraries

While many colleges and universities have closed their libraries, others say they can't operate without keeping them open.

Messy Merger Forecast for ‘McCengage’

Merging two giant educational publishers was never going to be smooth sailing, but the process has been rockier than Cengage and McGraw-Hill Education expected.