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MIT Press to Release Many Spring Titles Open Access

Under a new initiative from MIT Press, early purchasing commitments from a subset of libraries will make the spring 2022 slate of monographs and edited collections open access.

When Will the Library Be Open?

David Banush explores how, with climate change and operational disruptions, answering that question going forward will require embracing an even more diffuse definition of the research library.

As Misinformation Grows, Scholars Debate How to Improve Open Access

While open-access science has made research available worldwide, some scholars worry that misinformation, fraud and politicization have become rampant in a system that rewards speed and sparkle.

Library Leaders Lack Confidence in Diversity Strategies

Fostering diversity, equity and inclusion in academic libraries is more important to library leaders now than it was in 2019, but many are uncertain about the effectiveness of their strategies.

Big Read-and-Publish Push Arrives

Cambridge University Press recently struck dozens of open-access publishing deals with U.S. institutions, convincing many libraries to abandon their traditional journal subscription arrangements for the first time.

Big Deal for Open Access

University of California system secures a landmark open-access deal with publisher Elsevier. Some university librarians hail the agreement as a breakthrough, but others worry about possible long-term impacts.

Long Live the Library

It's been on the front lines of expanding access and creating equity during the pandemic, and we can't let its funding evaporate, Valerie Nye and Christopher Schipper write.

Library Leaders Brace for Budget Cuts

Academic library survey reveals widespread budget cuts during the COVID-19 pandemic and concern about long-term financial recovery.