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The Quote That Dare Not Speak Its Name

University of Central Arkansas library celebrated Pride month with sign featuring quote by Lady Gaga. President ordered quote removed. His explanation angered many on campus.

University of Iowa Cuts Journal Subscriptions

Blaming unsustainable price increases, librarians at the university reach out to faculty members and graduate students to draw up a list of 820 journal subscriptions to cancel.

Are ‘Big Deals’ Actually Good Deals?

Cost is the No. 1 reason why colleges end their “big deals” with publishers, but not everyone thinks the agreements are really that expensive.

Colliding Values at Doane

University library exhibit included photos of students from the 1920s in blackface. Now the library director is suspended -- and some of her faculty colleagues say Doane made the wrong call.

The Beginning of the End for the 'Big Deal'?

Inspired by University of California’s decision to drop its “big deal” with Elsevier, university librarians are laying the foundation to follow suit.

Racism and the American Library Association

Association is accused of trying to silence an African American librarian who complained about hostile comments directed at her during the association’s midwinter meeting.

Mash Up and Republish Like It's 1923

A dazzling array of works from 1923 are now available freely to scholars, artists and writers, opening up new possibilities for teaching and publishing.

Editorial Mutiny at Elsevier Journal

Following in the footsteps of linguistics journal Lingua, the editorial board of the Elsevier-owned Journal of Informetrics has resigned and launched a rival journal that will be free for all to read.