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A New Home Online for Closed College Libraries?

Marygrove College's library collection has been digitized and is available on the Internet Archive's website -- even as the organization battles a high-profile court case.

Changed, Changed Utterly

Christopher Cox predicts the significant ways academic libraries will shift in terms of collections, services, spaces and operations as a result of the pandemic.

Libraries Brace for Budget Cuts

University librarians are preparing for tough times ahead, even though the fiscal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is yet to be fully understood. Could big deals with publishers be on the chopping block?

Overdue: Closing Libraries

While many colleges and universities have closed their libraries, others say they can't operate without keeping them open.

A Library's Past

Two grad students convinced the University of Virginia to save and store its library's card catalog, arguing that researchers and historians can use the cards.

Is 350 Books Enough?

University of Florida professor reprimanded after heatedly contesting the university library’s book checkout limit.

Rules for Making Big Deals

Dozens of institutions have endorsed a set of guiding principles for negotiating contracts that support open-access practices with scholarly publishers.

Libraries as Student Success Hubs

A new report analyzing what students need the most found they often chose the library as a top destination for services.