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How COVID Spurred Digital Innovation and Empathy

In the early pandemic, educators rallied to provide academic continuity in unprecedented ways. That spurred online teaching innovations, many of which are worth preserving and enhancing, a Stanford self-study says.

When to Outsource Online Learning, and When Not To

A report explores how online learning leaders decide whether to use companies to deliver and manage their academic programs or handle the work in house.

A Surge in Young Undergrads, Fully Online

Tens of thousands of 18- to 24-year-olds are now enrolling at Western Governors, Southern New Hampshire and other national online institutions. Does this represent a change in student behavior?

‘Spaces Matter’

Limited access to active learning spaces may disproportionately hurt historically excluded groups, and institutions should build more of these spaces in the name of equity, according to a new study. Where does higher ed stand on next-generation learning spaces?

The Needs and Preferences of Fully Online Learners

Students who actively choose virtual programs because their work or family lives demand it are more satisfied with their online studies than they were before the pandemic, a new survey finds.

Should Professors Still Record Lectures? Maybe. Maybe Not.

The pandemic may be fading, but some students still need accommodations and flexibility, proponents say. Others argue that recorded lectures inhibit class discussion, compromise privacy and threaten faculty intellectual property rights.

Completion Boost for 2-Year Students Who Take (Some) Online Courses

Black, Hispanic and low-income community college students who take up to half their courses online increase their odds of completing degrees, a working paper finds. Fully online learners are less likely to earn a credential.

Hand Signals Improve Zoom Meetings

Students who use a set of gestures in video gatherings feel closer to their classmates and believe they learn more than students who don’t, a new study suggests. Using emojis doesn’t deliver the same benefits.