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Rear view of young Asian woman lonely and tired sitting near window

Data: Homesickness Affects Over Half of All Students

A majority of college students reported experiencing some level homesickness during the fall 2023 term. Here’s what higher education leaders should know about promoting well-being and success.

Neil Buchanan on Leaving Florida: Syllabus Podcast

This week’s episode of the Syllabus podcast, from the Office of Open Learning at American Jewish University and Inside Higher...
Virginia Foxx, a light-skinned older woman with white hair, walks in a hallway, wearing a red shirt and black blazer

House Committee Advances GOP Plan to Overhaul Higher Ed

In a lengthy hearing Wednesday, Democrats argued the Republicans’ College Cost Reduction Act wouldn’t actually lower costs.

Female student working at a computer at a desk holds up a small spiral notebook that says in bold letters, "Top 10."

Preparing for Life After College: The Top 10 Student Survey Insights

Major findings from our Student Voice survey on getting ready for life after college reveal gaps in students’ use of and satisfaction with career services. Responses also suggest that students expect a high degree of faculty involvement in career exploration and that they benefit from experiential learning, including internships.

Quote from President Burwell overlaid on photo of students protesting

American University Bans Indoor Protests

Administrators say the new policy was a necessary response to antisemitism, but many faculty members, students and free speech advocates fear it will chill free speech on campus.


The Capital of Transfer

Ensuring students are fully informed.

A campus photo in an outline of North Carolina with images of stacks of dollar bills in the background.

North Carolina Community Colleges Push for Workforce-Focused Funding Model

Community college leaders are hopeful the new funding plan they’ve devised can win over state lawmakers eager to fill workforce gaps.