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Three masked students attend a protest: two wear kaffiyehs. The student in the middle holds a sign that reads "Ceasefire Now!"

How Higher Ed Is Really Failing Students on Gaza and Israel

Clarissa Mansfield writes that the academic and media preoccupation with pro-Palestinian slogans misses the bigger picture.

How Asexual People Navigate Romantic Relationships: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute: Alexandra Brozowski, research associate at Michigan State University, takes a look at one group of...
calendars ripping

Another ‘Devastating’ FAFSA Delay

Colleges will not receive applicants’ federal aid information until March. They may be forced to push back commitment deadlines, and the delay could discourage low-income students from enrolling.

A silhouette of a military drone that looks like an airplane. The silhouette is set against a light blue sky with white clouds. A serviceperson standing beneath the rear of the drone, is also silhouetted.

Does Military AI Research at Universities ‘Benefit Humanity’?

The Pentagon articulates a research focus that includes lethality. But universities that receive military funding often welcome the money with expressions of pride and altruism—and scant mention of the potential for harm.

Lifelong Learning With Artificial General Intelligence

What will it mean to higher education when AI systems carry out tasks at an intelligence level that matches or exceeds humans’?

Florida State Suspends Student Group for Disrupting Board Meeting

Florida State University has suspended its campus chapter of Students for a Democratic Society after members chanting pro-Palestinian slogans disrupted...
Piggy bank is turned upside down over graduation cap

Earning a Degree Helps Some, Not All, Pay Back Student Loans

Students who completed degrees at public and private nonprofit institutions had smaller student loan balances four years later than peers who didn’t graduate, according to a new report.

Small COVID Outbreak Closes Paine College

Responding to a minor COVID-19 outbreak, Paine College in Augusta, Ga., closed its campus to the public Monday and mandated...