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Majority of Colleges Surveyed Have Restrictive Speech Policies, Report Says

Eighty-five percent of 489 colleges and universities surveyed have at least one policy that could be improperly used to limit...

Binghamton, Madison Under U.S. Review for Alleged Bias

The U.S. Education Department on Tuesday added the State University of New York at Binghamton and the University of Wisconsin...

Virginia House Joins Senate in Voting to Ban Legacy Admissions

The Virginia House of Representatives unanimously approved legislation Tuesday banning legacy admissions at public colleges and universities, joining the state...

Colleges Caught in President Biden’s Campaign Against ‘Junk Fees’

Banks won’t be able to charge students who open a college-sponsored deposit account fees for insufficient funds under an updated...

Mental Health of College Athletes: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute: Robert J. Romano, assistant professor in the division of sports management at St. John’s University...
A point of view shot of a small multiethnic group of young men pulling on a rope at their local gym. They are wearing sports clothing and training in an indoor gym.

Student Wellness Tip: Encouraging Students to Be Active

To promote wellness, colleges and universities encourage students to practice healthy fitness and exercise habits through various programs and initiatives.

Photo illustration of Arizona governor Katie Hobbs

University of Arizona Begins to Address Financial Woes

Facing a projected $177 million budget deficit, UA administrators are working on a recovery plan amid sharp criticism from the governor and others.

A female professor addresses a group of students in a small seminar.

A Cure for Humanities Deficiency Syndrome

To help save the humanities, consider one-credit “co-labs” attached to STEM courses, Rachel Wheeler writes.