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Creators of Good School Podcast: ‘They Look for Student Success After We Succeeded"

Students from the Community College of Baltimore County write, research and produce a podcast evaluating the measures of success within higher education and the foundations of a good college.

Board Fines President $5,000 for Rules Violations

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities board has ordered Marsha Danielson, the president of Minnesota State College Southeast, to pay...

The Worldwide Web of E-Waste and Climate Change

E-waste is a climate change issue. In today’s Academic Minute, Oladele (Dale) Ogunseitan of the University of California, Irvine, explores...

President Defies Calls for Her Ouster

Faculty, staff and students are united in calling for Connecticut College president Katherine Bergeron to step down after a dean resigned in protest. So far, she’s resisting.

Admissions Staff Accountability and Travel

Don’t throw the student recruitment baby out with the COVID bathwater, write Robert Massa and Bill Conley.

Despite TikTok Bans, Colleges Are Thriving on the App

Several campuses have restricted their use of TikTok. For those still using the app, it’s proven a successful way to reach prospective students and leverage current students’ skills.

A Time for Change at Gustavus Adolphus College

A change in the certification of athletic trainers drove the liberal arts college to add its first-ever master’s degree program. Its leaders acted with an eye toward recruiting more students in an era of declining enrollment.
Irena Smith’s The Golden Ticket: A Life in College Admission Essays (SheWritesPress)

A College Counselor’s Insightful Memoir

A Russian émigré turned college counselor discusses the role of education in the immigrant experience, how AI might change college admissions and how she pushes students to think about who they really are.