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Kentucky Supreme Court Rules That Student Lawsuit Over COVID-19 May Continue

The Kentucky Supreme Court has sided with students, allowing their suit to proceed. They are seeking more than $200 million...
A sign outside of Mississippi State University's campus bears the university name.

Program Launch: College for Adult Learners and Continuing Education

Mississippi State University opened a college focused on nontraditional students, establishing new policies and practices with adult learners’ perspectives at the forefront of degrees and programs.

Hope Forward student cohort

Hope College Bets on Tuition-Free Program

Hope College lets a small group of students attend for free and asks them to donate money to the institution after they graduate. An effort to raise $1 billion to expand the pilot program campuswide is going slowly.

Three seated people in casual clothes speak with a woman standing in a warm-looking campus office space. A large wall sign says "Welcome to Student Support Services."

Embedding Mental Health Care for Students in Need

The University of Alaska at Fairbanks’s TRIO Student Support Services program brings counseling directly to students as part of its holistic advising mission.

Hands type on a laptop keyboard while digital images float above the keys including the text "ChatGPT"

Harvard Taps AI to Help Teach Computer Science Course

Artificial intelligence powered by ChatGPT is helping Harvard’s beginner computer science students understand and improve their work creating and fixing code.

Fitch Predicts Worse Ratings for Next Year

Fitch Ratings’ 2024 outlook for higher education enrollment is fairly bleak, according to data offered during an online presentation Thursday...

Professor and 2 Students Stabbed in Gender Issues Class at Canadian University

A professor and two students were stabbed Wednesday in a philosophy class on gender issues at the University of Waterloo...

Psychedelics Reduce Anxiety and Depression in Cancer Patients: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute: C. Michael White, distinguished professor and chair of pharmacy practice at the University of Connecticut...