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Community Schools and Summer Learning Loss: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute: Laura Bronstein, professor of social work at Binghamton University, examines how community schools can help...
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The Toll of a Botched Hire

Texas A&M announces it will pay Kathleen McElroy $1 million and concludes that the university’s prior president, despite protestations to the contrary, played a key role in the mess.

Wisconsin-Oshkosh Will Cut 200 Jobs Amid $18M Deficit

The University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh will impose layoffs and furloughs and offer early retirement to other employees as part...
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For First Time, U.S. Releases Data on Student Basic Needs

Researchers long wanted a federal data set to back up their own work and make it known that college students suffer from hunger and homelessness.

UCLA Chancellor to Resign

University of California, Los Angeles, chancellor Gene Block is stepping down, effective next summer, ending a 17-year run at one...

Controversial University of Alaska Trustee Resigns

A controversial University of Alaska trustee is out after only two months in that role. Tuckerman Babcock, a former chief...

Cal State 2025 Graduation Rate Goals Lagging

The California State University system’s graduation rates have markedly improved, but significant equity gaps remain, according to a new report...
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Israeli University Leaders Walk Tightrope Over Knesset Vote

Institutional leaders say a vote curbing Supreme Court powers has forced them to speak out, but they must still consider pro-government faculty and staff as the state heads for civil strife.