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‘Being Black, Being Male on Campus’

Through the voices of 40 individuals, new book examines what it’s like to be a black man on a college campus today.

Grad Schools Remain a Global Draw

Report from the Council of Graduate Schools shows international graduate student applications and enrollments continue to grow, but the rate is slower than in recent years.

Big 12 to Withhold Revenue From Baylor

The Big 12 Conference, of which Baylor University is a member, announced on Wednesday that it would withhold 25 percent...

Furor Over Video of Students Chanting 'Build That Wall'

A controversial video led to student protests Tuesday at Saint John's University and the College of Saint Benedict, men's and...

Signs Warn Students Not to Record Instructors

Classrooms at Orange Coast College now feature signs warning students not to record instructors without their permission, The Los Angeles...

Anger at U of Sydney Over Scholarship Favoring Men

Female students and their advocates at the University of Sydney are criticizing the creation of a new scholarship for veterinary...

Effect of Belief on Nicotine Cravings

Is your brain to blame for your nicotine craving? In today's Academic Minute, the University of Texas at Dallas's Xiaosi...

‘Your Next-Door Iranian’

Iranian scholars and students in the U.S. reflect on Trump’s executive order -- temporarily suspended by federal court -- barring travel from their country.