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Embattled Eastern Gateway Community College Set to Fold

Eastern Gateway Community College, which has struggled financially over the last year, is set to begin dissolving in June unless...

Providence College Accused of LGBTQ+ Discrimination

Faculty, students and alumni at Providence College in Rhode Island have accused the administration of “hypocrisy toward and systemic oppression...
Three white men in suits stand at a podium

No Surprises for Higher Ed in Spending Bill

The final federal spending package for the 2023–24 fiscal year, released Thursday, would provide mostly level funding for higher ed, with a small increase for Federal Student Aid.

A photograph of Florida governor Ron DeSantis holding up his hands and speaking into a microphone.

Florida Law Threatens to Defund, Disband Higher Ed Unions

Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation last year threatening to decertify unions if fewer than 60 percent of bargaining unit members paid dues. Faculty unions are threatened but not yet erased.

An illustration of a mobile phone bearing the name “Sora” below the OpenAI logo.

Text-to-Video AI Could Change How We Think

Text-to-video technology could supplant writing as a primary mode of thinking and communication, Steven K. Johnson writes.

High Schools Say They’re Falling Short on College Prep

Only 47 percent of public high schools say they’re doing a “very good” or “excellent” job preparing students for college...

How Perceptions of College Value Play Out on Social Media

A scan of 13,000 social media comments discussing the value of going to college shows that 93 percent of them...

LaGuardia Community College Receives $116M Gift

LaGuardia Community College has been awarded a $116.2 million grant to develop a state-of-the art workforce training center, the New...