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Education Department to Hold Hearings on Regulatory Agenda

The Education Department is gearing up for the next round of negotiated rule making, which will touch on a variety...

Auburn Students May Have Been Drugged by Ride-Share Driver

Four students from Auburn University were likely drugged by a ride-share driver who offered them drinks on campus last Friday...

Connecticut College President to Resign

Connecticut College president Katherine Bergeron is stepping down after facing protests and calls for her resignation.

Partisan Divides Over Student Loans

President Biden’s student loan policies came under fire during a House hearing that featured lots of talking points and few specific policy solutions.

Appeals Court Says Student Can Sue NYU for COVID Refund

A deeply divided panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on Thursday resuscitated a class action...

20 Years of Experiencing Asian Invisibility in Academe

While some people may dismiss the phenomenon as no big deal, it is so strong that it’s as if a person does not physically exist, writes Keith Nabb.

Protests of President Who Canceled Drag Show

Students at West Texas A&M University held a protest Wednesday of President Walter Wendler, who wrote in an opinion piece...

Striving to Use Technology to Smooth Transfer Connections

A digital transcript sharing company and a software company that helps manage transfer team up. Leaders hope their union helps students move among higher ed institutions with more ease.