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Success Program Launch: A January ‘Jumpstart’ for Spring Term Success

Aurora University’s three-day online prep course transitions students into class for the new semester.

Rates for Low-Income Students Up More Than for High Income

At nearly 700 colleges and universities and colleges, the rates paid by low-income students increased by larger percentages than the...

Optics: The Future of Computation and Medicine

Light can be a useful and non-invasive tool in medicine. In today’s Academic Minute, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Moussa N’Gom explains...

Legal Blow to Internet Archive, Controlled Digital Lending

A federal judge’s ruling for book publishers delivered a swift verdict that has significant implications for librarians, writers and limits of digital libraries.

The Role of Politics in Where Students Want to Go to College

Study finds that nearly one in four high school seniors said they passed up, out of political concerns, a college they would have initially considered because of its state. The trend is evident among conservatives and liberals.

After Yearlong Wait, Bates Unionization Vote Fails

After over a year of waiting for the results of a union election that would have brought together non-tenure-track faculty and staff, union organizers heard the outcome. They lost.

5 Colleges in Louisiana Have Cybersecurity Breach

Five colleges and universities in Louisiana lack their regular computer systems, which are not operating, reported. The five include...

Middlebury Sued Over Changing Name of Chapel

Middlebury College is being sued for changing the name of its chapel. The name was changed from Mead Memorial Chapel...