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Three students study independently in a library.

Lack of Awareness Causes Students to Fall Through the Cracks

New data suggest that institutions overestimate student awareness of key support services on their campuses. Solutions include more active and effective promotion of these resources.

Exterior views of the Missouri State Capitol building, from afar.

Legislatures Can’t Fix Campus Speech Issues

Higher ed has problems related to academic freedom and freedom of expression, but state lawmakers are unlikely to solve them, Ryan Stowers writes.

Dozens of Advocacy Groups Demand Biden Immediately Cancel Students’ Debts

More than 175 advocacy groups representing borrowers want the Biden administration to move quickly to discharge student loans, as the...

UVM Hockey Coach Fired for Inappropriate Texts

The University of Vermont’s men’s hockey coach, Todd Woodcroft, has been fired following an investigation into inappropriate texts between him...
A drawing of someone in a black hoodie at a laptop with a black poison symbol on it, with ones and zeros behind him.

Researchers Say They Found IP Addresses for ‘Anonymous’ Econ Forum Posts

A study into toxicity on Economics Job Market Rumors says it uncovered IP addresses for posts, linking many back to universities.

A man shows another man in goggles how to operate a machine.

Assessing Nondegree Credential Quality

A new report recommends ways states can better ensure the quality of programs as they proliferate across the country.

New Cyberscam Offers Students Fake Jobs

A cybersecurity company called Proofpoint has identified a new cyberscam targeted at college students, in which phishers pretend to offer...