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Asking the Great Questions at Community Colleges: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute : Ted Hadzi-Antich Jr., associate professor of government at Austin Community College, explores one way...

Univ. of Phoenix is the Top Recipient of GI Bill Funding

The University of Phoenix has received more GI Bill funding than any other higher education institution, USA Today reported Wednesday...

Second Suicide in Same Classroom Building This Year

A second student this year died by suicide in the same classroom building at the University of Houston, reported...

Unapologetic Leadership: I Wear Chuck Taylors

Community college president Keith Curry writes that his choice of professional footwear helps him better connect with students and advocate on their behalf as his authentic self.

‘It’s Our Responsibility’

A group of researchers, college leaders, business leaders and policy makers is calling on peers in higher ed to focus on Black student enrollment.

House Panel Targets Universities, Scholars

House Republicans investigating the “weaponization of the federal government” want information from several disinformation researchers who were recently accused of being part of the “censorship industrial complex.”

‘Meta-Analysis’ Finds GRE Is Losing Significance

A new “meta-analysis” published in The Journal of Higher Education suggests that the Graduate Record Examination is losing its significance...

Wellness Tip: Teach Professors Mindfulness

A new program at the University of Rochester provides mindfulness training to faculty, aiming to increase capacity for handling student concerns.