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An aerial view of the Yale University campus.

et tu Yale and Brown (and UT-Austin)?

Jim Jump reflects on moves by three more universities to reinstate standardized test requirements.

A white-clothed table labeled Villanova University ASCE (for American Society of Civil Engineers) is set up for an event.

Career Prep Tip: Host an Industry-Specific Career Fair

Villanova University now offers engineering-specific recruitment opportunities, responding to industry trends and helping students develop deeper relationships with professionals before graduating.

Virginia Foxx stands at a podium in a pink blazer

House Republicans Float Bill to Require Free Speech on Campuses

The legislation attempts to address what Republicans say is a long-standing attack on free expression in higher education. Critics say it would make it hard to protect students from hate speech.

calendars ripping

Student Aid Forms Start Trickling In

After a two-month delay, the U.S. Education Department began sending FAFSA forms to colleges last week. College officials are eager to get to work, but slow pace and technical holdups threaten further delays.

Biden Touts Efforts to Combat Junk Fees in Higher Ed

In statements and a fact sheet, the Biden administration highlighted Friday several ongoing efforts to crack down on so-called junk...

University of Maryland Ends Suspension of Most Greek Organizations

The University of Maryland (UMD) lifted its suspension of 32 of the 37 Greek organizations it had initially suspended at...
Three Mugs hanging with college logos on them

Small Thank-You Gifts May Boost Alumni Donor Engagement

New research debunks the myth that openly advertising trinkets given to new donors as an incentive can dissuade frequent givers.

Supreme Court Will Not Hear Texas Drag Show Case

The Supreme Court will not review a case brought by a student organization at a public university in Texas that...