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Students walk on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus

Measuring Student Success Impact With Data

The University of Colorado at Boulder established a cross-departmental leadership team to facilitate analysis and revision of student success programs to close equity gaps and improve outcomes.

Can Little Ponds Fight Big Floods? Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute : Riley Post, Ph.D. candidate and graduate research fellow at the University of Iowa, explores...
A square with rounded corners colored with a changing gradient that starts red and pink on the top left and changes to purple and blue on the bottom right. On this background are the white letters "T," "H" and "E." To the right of the rounded square, black text reads "Times Higher Education."

Palestinian Campuses Head Into Abyss as Israeli Retaliation Grows

With mobility severely limited and no connection or contact from Gaza colleagues, West Bank academics describe atmosphere of anguish.

Birmingham-Southern Loan Lawsuit Dismissed

A county judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by Birmingham-Southern College against Alabama state treasurer Young Boozer III for denying...

Former Yale Student Can Pursue Defamation Suit Against Accuser

A U.S. appeals court ruled Wednesday that a former Yale University student can pursue a defamation lawsuit against a fellow...
The word "Doxing" in block letters against a white background featuring a plant.

The Failure of FERPA

The Harvard doxing-truck debacle lays bare FERPA’s obsolescence in the digital age—and why protecting student privacy matters to their learning now more than ever, Sarah Hartman-Caverly writes.

Pro-Palestinian supporters holding flags and signs march on the University of Central Florida campus.

Florida Bans Students for Justice in Palestine on Public Campuses

The State University System of Florida chancellor, in consultation with Governor Ron DeSantis, orders chapters of the pro-Palestinian group “deactivated.”

A young group of friends laughing and sharing pizza at a music festival.

Campus Engagement Tip: Reaching Students Where They Are

To encourage participation in student activities, campus leaders should recognize the different types of interest levels among learners and what incentivizes them.