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The End of Rankings

William D. Adams writes that it’s time for all colleges to follow the lead of Colorado College and drop U.S. News.

Fossil Fuel Industry Gave Hundreds of Millions to Higher Ed

Fossil fuel companies gave over $700 million in research funding to 27 colleges and universities from 2010 to 2020, according...

‘Incrementally’ Moving Away From Police

It’s not just cities and towns that have worked to reform their police practices since 2020. Some campuses are trying to incorporate alternative models, too.

Report: Undocumented Students Struggle With Financial Aid

A new report by the California Student Aid Commission outlines the difficulties undocumented students experience trying to access financial aid...

FIRE Asks Bluefield State President to Retract ‘Retaliatory’ Statement

A free speech organization is excoriating Bluefield State University’s president, who on his blog discussed possibly firing faculty members who...

Spreading Hope While Promoting Belonging

Belmont University has hired a vice president of hope, unity and belonging to help the institution promote and practice its values of inclusiveness.

Anatomy of Care for Students With Eating Disorders

Quality outpatient treatment for students with eating disorders is coordinated and multipronged.

Student Success Coaching Aids First-Year Retention

Kansas Wesleyan’s Student Success Coaching pairs first-year students with a staff coach, giving them tools for success for their academic careers.