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Vermont State U Will Make Libraries All Digital

Vermont State University plans to repurpose libraries on its five campuses and move to an “all-digital academic library” system when...

We Can’t Stop Climate Change by Hating Each Other

Coming together is crucial to fighting climate change. In today's Academic Minute, the University of British Columbia's Emily Huddart Kennedy...

Scaling Up Faculty Development for Student Success

Faculty development holds promise for student success but too often falls short, new report says.

Making Sure a Degree Is Worth More Than a Diploma

In Colorado, falling enrollment and growing skepticism of higher ed’s worth prompted a proposal to measure the “economic value” of academic programs at public colleges. Some leaders are wary.

Confusion Over a New Unit at Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill’s board chairman told Fox News a new school would provide equal opportunity for right- and left-of-center views. Faculty, caught off guard, have expressed concerns, while the provost says it’s not what it sounds like.

How Hate Can Impede the Climate Change Fight: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute: Emily Huddart Kennedy, associate professor and associate head in the department of sociology at the...

Tolerance Over Inclusiveness?

Tolerance is a better approach than inclusiveness when it comes to fostering free inquiry and open classroom discussions, Joel Kaminsky writes.

Seminary to Merge With East Texas Baptist University

B. H. Carroll Theological Institute, a small Baptist seminary near Dallas, is merging with East Texas Baptist University. B. H...