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It Takes a Village (or an Entire State) to Transform Transfer

In just over two years, Transfer Virginia leaders have taken key steps to reform and improve the transfer experience in the state to bring about measurable progress on student success and equity.

What Community College Students Tell Us About Transfer

Producing better transfer outcomes requires community college leaders to better understand how transfer supports are currently embedded in the student experience.

The Invisibility of Transfer Students

Interviews with enrollment managers and CFOs reveal insights: “Most of the accountability metrics are focused on first-years, and so [transfers] are kind of hidden. They come and go without much impact.”

Understanding the Needs of Today's Student

Higher education leaders need to understand the barriers and enablers of the transfer student experience, then do the work to create an environment aimed at giving credit where credit is due.

Paving an Efficient Transfer Pathway to a Bachelor’s Degree

San Antonio College has built a comprehensive transfer system that gets and keeps students on track with clear pathways to a bachelor’s degree and strong connections with four-year institutions.

From California to Connecticut: Building the Will to Untangle Community College Transfer

Six ways stakeholders should prepare to tackle their transfer policy push.

Student Stories: The Journey From Community College

With the support of peer mentors and transfer advisers, the Virginia Pathways Program helps align curriculum and credits between two- and four-year campuses.

Students Are on the Move. Their Financial Aid Is Not

Proposals for massive boosts in federal aid for students won't address an underlying problem: most financial aid money isn't mobile, and transfer students struggle to qualify for and find it.