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The Future of Faculty Development Is Feminist

Colleges must mend the gap between conventional views about what faculty need for support and what faculty actually want, writes Niya Bond.

Colleges Should Make It OK for Faculty to Disclose Disabilities

The academy continues to be ableist and disadvantage people with various learning abilities and those in neurodiverse learning communities, argues Karly Ball.

How Presidents Can Best Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

No matter where they stand politically, every president must provide leadership in this area, writes Sheila Edwards Lange, who recommends some ways to do so effectively.

An Inconvenient Presence

Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt writes of how serving on search committees in predominantly white institutions can often be a harrowing experience for many faculty members of color.

Small Changes to Promote DEI in College Classrooms

While there are no shortcuts, we can adopt some small, intentional steps in four key areas that can yield big results for student success, write Rita Kumar and Brenda Refaei.

Closing the Fellowship Diversity Gap

We must build diverse applicant pipelines and inclusive support systems that help students at minority-serving institutions gain access to such opportunities, writes Melanie Meinzer.

Let’s Stop Relying on Biased Teaching Evaluations

Using such evaluations reflects colleges’ lack of a true commitment to diversity, writes Joanna Wolfe, who offers three actions institutions should take sooner rather than later to change the situation.

Advice I Wish I Did Not Have to Offer

An anonymous professor shares guidance on what to do for yourself if your child or another person close to you is sexually assaulted.