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Stop Asking Me for the Hummus Recipe

Such comments reveal an alarming level of misunderstanding, if not ignorance, of the Arab American community, reducing us to stereotypes and implying that we don’t belong, writes Mireille Rebeiz.

Stop Blaming Faculty of Color

Colleges should make good on the promises they have made about diversity, equity and inclusion and actually do the work of making real change, Sydney Freeman Jr. writes.

Diversifying Faculty Requires Departmental Change

Focusing on the immediate contexts underrepresented minority scholars must navigate is the best way to make academe a welcoming place, write Amalia Pallares, Angela L. Walden, Bernard D. Santarsiero and Aisha El-Amin.

Broken Promises?

Colleges and universities responded to the death of George Floyd with public commitments to racial justice, but two years later, too little has changed, argue Colleen E. Wynn and Elizabeth Ziff.

The Exclusivity of Inclusive Excellence

Andrea Y. Simpson reflects on how the phrase, as interpreted at so many institutions, can undermine the goals of diversity and inclusivity, as well as limit the scope of first-rate scholarship.

Looking Beyond the Diversity Check Box

The work of diversity committees and offices has recently been amplified, yet much of it remains performative, Aparajita De argues—and South Asians should help change that.

The Change Higher Education Needs Today

As attacks on critical race theory accelerate, colleges must create more mentoring environments designed by BIPOC faculty themselves, write Irene Mata, Melva Treviño and M. Gabriela Torres.

Black Women Navigating the Workplace: A Few Strategies

Brittany K. Robertson offers some recommendations based on a study she conducted on the experiences and perspectives of Black women staff members in higher education.