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10 Ways to Promote Your First Academic Book

You can do a number of small things to help publicize it and get your story out to a broader audience, writes Joanne W. Golann.

Pulling Distance Learning Tools Into In-Person Classes

Anita Cheng describes some specific ways college instructors can use online methods developed during the pandemic to enhance classroom teaching and learning.

What to Do When You Really Want to Quit Academe

I thought if I tried to write about what could keep a person going when they want to leave, I might be able to get myself into a better place, writes Rachel Toor.

Career Clinics Improve Career-Transition Readiness

They can be especially helpful for graduate students and postdocs from all types of disciplines for preparing their minds and materials for the job market, writes Jim Gould.

Commitment, Community and Curriculum

Kavitha Chintam and Alexis Prybutok describe in some detail how their STEM department’s committee on diversity, equity and inclusion is actualizing real change.

Can Ph.D.s Thrive in the Business World?

Insightful business managers recognize that they’re an undertapped pool of skilled and savvy communicators with the drive and dedication to be effective contributors, writes Tony Topoleski.

Are You Smarter Than a 13th Grader?

I won’t teach students to think they can passively cycle through a checklist of courses that leave marks on their transcript but no footprint on their brains or hearts, writes Dan Sarofian-Butin.

A Defense of Recommendation Letters

Sometimes even flawed information can be useful after all, writes Daniel F. Chambliss.