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Men and women approaching a victory cup from four different directions

Academic Failure and Success Redefined 

New career trajectories, including those for scholars interested in leaving a tenure-track position, need to be normalized, legitimized and valued, Sarah W. Dorr writes.

Young teacher addressing lecture class of animated students

Teaching Advice for Graduate Students

Grad students often take on instructor roles they are grossly unprepared for, says Kiarra Boenitz, who suggests instead an interdisciplinary approach.

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Teaching Behind Enemy Lines

Susan Shaw offers advice for colleagues working in states where legislators are questioning progressive teaching and academic freedom. 

colored pathways that are going straight but then veer to right

Is Focusing on Your Strengths Sabotaging Your Success?

Julia Chinyere Oparah explains how knowing your derailers is an essential superpower for every leader in higher ed.

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Safeguarding Black Women Educators’ Mental Health

Campus leaders and colleagues must recognize their battle fatigue—and the sophisticated racism at its root—and work to support them, write Jálin B. Johnson, Nakisha Castillo, Natalie V. Nagthall and Hawani Negussie.

Black woman and white man with arms crossed stand in front of an arrow in a bull's-eye

The Virtues of Being a Selfish Teacher-Scholar

We’re pulled in many different directions and supposed to be jacks-of-all-trades, writes Anthony Barnhart, but that expectation is unreasonable.

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Succeeding as a Gen Z Leader In Higher Ed

Megan Finlan advises how to manage and connect with a student team as an administrator when you just recently graduated yourself.

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Making the Most of External Review Letters

Their quality must improve, and with that the credibility of promotion and tenure as a professional process, says Richard Utz, who offers some guidelines.