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Hoardicultural Studies

Scott McLemee reviews Rebecca R. Falkoff’s Possessed: A Cultural History of Hoarding.

The Urge

Scott McLemee reviews Carl Erik Fisher’s The Urge: Our History of Addiction.

Spring Action

Scott McLemee highlights more books upcoming in the new year, with a focus on the pandemic.

Avenge Charcot!

Scott McLemee reviews Subconsciousness: Automatic Behavior and the Brain by Yves Agid.

The Story Paradox

Scott McLemee reviews Jonathan Gottschall’s The Story Paradox: How Our Love of Storytelling Builds Societies and Tears Them Down.

Spring Forward

Scott McLemee offers a preview of next spring’s university press offerings.

Magickal Realism

Scott McLemee reviews The Last Witches of England: A Tragedy of Sorcery and Superstition by John Callow.

No Such Luck

Scott McLemee reviews Barbara Blatchley’s What Are the Chances? which explores how beliefs about winning streaks can be manifestations of a shaky grasp of the principles of probability.