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Man shakes the hand of another at a board meeting of men and women

Presidents’ and Boards’ Reciprocal Relationship

Peter Eckel and Cathy Trower describe the ways boards and presidents must work together to understand each other’s needs and devise ways to deliver on them.


3 Questions for Lee Bradshaw on Rhodes Advisors

A conversation with an old friend on his new consulting company.

AI in Context

The law, policy and politics of AI.

Three wooden blocks that read "Diversity, Equity, Inclusion."

What’s Lost in Dismantling DEI Offices

Colleges should back up their diversity commitments in their organizational structures, Eugene T. Parker III writes.

A standardized test answer sheet with bubbles filled in. A pencil and a small circular clock sit atop the sheet.

What to Make of Dartmouth?

Jim Jump considers Dartmouth’s decision to reinstate standardized testing “in context.”

The Ends of Life

The value of an “ordinary” life in a neoliberal and post-Darwinian world.

Illustration of a woman at a desk surrounded by papers and open books, with books on a shelf behind her

Scaffolding Text Synthesis for Graduate Students

Katie Homar and Stacy Sabraw explain why the ability to communicate insights from multiple sources to different audiences is crucial as Ph.D.s pursue their careers.