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What It Means to Be Orphaned

In the end, we are all orphans of the storm.

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How to Craft a Teaching Philosophy Statement

Mohammed Albakry describes four pitfalls to avoid so they don’t mar your statement’s effectiveness and alienate search committee members.

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Focusing on Personality Type and Interests to Support Student Success

Career coach Marta Koonz offers an overview of the use of assessments in guiding academic and career choices, including group and individual models for helping students maximize the results.

In Honor of St. Valentine’s Day

A brief overview of the history, neuroscience, philosophy and psychology of love and romance.

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Access, Small Gods and Academia

Conversations about job precarity in higher ed often turn to leaving the academy for “industry.” But what, Kay Sohini asks, is the industry for a lit grad?


Prompting Progress: Advancing Your AI Skills

Generative artificial intelligence has the potential to greatly enhance your creativity, efficiency, productivity and relevance in nearly every role in higher education.

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Sociology: Practically Constitutional!

Florida’s move to marginalize sociology is shortsighted, Jerry A. Jacobs writes.