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Two people hold a placard with photos of people killed during the Oct. 7 Hamas attack.

My Colleagues Stayed Silent When Oct. 7 Was Called a ‘Beautiful Day’

Deborah Gerhardt reflects on a UNC faculty body’s decision not to weigh in on a guest speaker’s comments.

Woman holding business folder walking beside a brick building with colonnade

How Colleges Can Perfect On-Site Interviews

Patricia Hastie and Alycia Johnson suggest some key ways to leave a positive and lasting impression on job candidates who come to your campus.

The cover of Blood in the Machine by Brian Merchant

The Ed-Tech ‘Blood in the Machine’

Can the 19th-century Luddite movement help us think about the corporate digitization of education?

What Makes Us Human?

Anthropocentrism, speciesism and the shifting relationship between humans and nonhuman animals.

A dictionary entry for the word "wisdom." Though the full definition is not visible, words that are visible include "knowledge" and "experience."

‘Wisdom Skills’ Are Hard to Teach—AI Can Help

AI-assisted educational games can expand experiential learning opportunities at scale, Tim Dasey writes.

Young woman sitting across table from two people interviewing her for job

10 Pointers for a Successful Faculty Interview

Claire Williams Bridgwater offers advice to help you find the right workplace when you are pursuing an entry-level job.

2 Questions Colleges Should Ask Applicants

Ask them about free speech and academic freedom and the value of the humanities.

Campus Protests and the Middle East

Debate continues over dueling op-eds about how to understand student protests.