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Leaders for Small Colleges

W. Kent Barnds considers the skills that may be particularly needed during a period of dramatic change in higher education.

Taking time to think about expectations for women in undergraduate science

Decades of research in higher education has sought to understand why students come to STEM fields and why they leave. This has been especially true for women in science degree programs.

Teaching with GoogleDocs

Welcome to another entry in our loosely-defined-yet-still-exciting teaching with technology series. This week: Teaching with GoogleDocs!

EdTech Questions about Phoenix

My edtech antennae went up when reading Paul Fain's article yesterday on Possible Probation for Phoenix. It is clear from both the article and comments that this is an important and complicated story.

ABC’s and PhD’s: Financial Planning for College

Please, please, please just let us finance our two kids through college without too much debt. I’m a biologist, by Zeus, not an economist, not an accountant, not a portfolio manager at an investment firm. I seem to do fine spending money, but planning for enormous purchases such as college and retirement are way beyond my comfort (and frankly, my interest) level. Way.

Ethics of Admission, Pt. II: Undergraduates and the Brass Ring

The use of gambling metaphors to describe getting a college education suggests it may be time to stop the merry-go-round.

Tax the Internet?

I predict that this entry will generate more comments than most. I propose that we watch France closely on its plan to tax the Internet, because the United States might want to follow suit. On first reflex I could not imagine a stand more likely to unite cross sections of the political spectrum from libertarians to liberals than this one. In all my days of work in IT I have never met a single person who did anything but reject any policy except the most hands-off ones regarding data networking. Why should we change gears now?

Connection in China - I

Michael Roth lectures on Jefferson, Emerson and Dewey at Peking University -- and finds an audience intrigued by the ideas of liberal education.