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That Old Chalkboard Mojo

There are important elements of teaching for which PowerPoint is only of minimal help, writes Christopher Conway.

Having 'The Talk'

Shaun Longstreet and Brenda Bethman discuss how to tell your doctoral adviser that you may not want a career in academe.

Comparative Perspectives

Next week I’m doing my first accreditation visit. I’ve been on the receiving end of three ten-year visits in my career -- you’d think that wouldn’t be mathematically possible, but it is -- but this will be my first time on the visiting side. I spent a chunk of this weekend plowing through the self-study, pen in hand.

The Wandering Mind of an Academic

I was sitting at my desk in the late hours of the night, trying to write a paper and I was absolutely where I did not want to be at that moment. Instead of having to write that paper, I would have preferred to have spent these hours watching a good film,or listening to some music while I read a good book.

Six Steps to Hack your Literature Pile

Does the following situation sound familiar to you? Your supervisor gave you some papers to start exploring your topic. You start reading, excited to learn more about the subject. Then you start looking up all the references and continue reading from there. You follow a few journals in your field and print out all the recent relevant publications on this topic. Meanwhile, the number of publications you want to look at keeps on growing

3 Suggestions for For-Profits

Let me begin by stating my biases about for-profit education. I believe in the potential of for-profit education to be a force for good. I believe that the profit motive is not antithetical to the larger societal goals of higher education.

Announcing THATCamp Kentucky!

Where I announce THATCamp Kentucky and reflect on my experience at THATCampSE2013.

Ending the Hostilities

I am writing this on a bus from Dublin to Belfast. Bill and Ben, my brother and sister-in-law, one of my nephews, and my cousin and her husband are all taking the trip.