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The Myth of Quicksand (or How I Escaped Some of the Anxiety of Tenure Track)

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines quicksand as “sand readily yielding to pressure; especially : a deep mass of loose sand mixed with water into which heavy objects readily sink.” In the movies, some horrid interloper or intrepid explorer ends up in quicksand and starts to sink fast in the murky mess. Panic sets in. Arms flail! Curses are said! Death is imminent. A welcome savior comes to rescue you. Or you die in the muck. The end.

Globalizing MOOCs

After nearly 12 years living in the United States, I continue to be perplexed by this country. As I said when acting as a respondent to Anya Kamenetz at ED Talks Wisconsin last Friday night, the US is an amazing place when it it comes to unleashing and scaling up a multiplicity of innovations related to higher education.

A New Geography of Knowledge Production in Poland

Comprehensive reforms of Polish higher education and research systems started in 2010-2011. Their major part was the 2010 law on a new national research council called the “National Science Centre” (NCN). The rationale behind its establishment was twofold: to leave decisions about research funding for fundamental research to the academic community and to increase the competition for research funding. The competitive funding made available through the NCN will gradually lead to the emergence of a new class of Polish research-intensive universities.

Inextricably Interwoven with our Community

For a university to fully fulfill its mission, it needs to be inextricably interwoven with the community, both the internal community and the surrounding community. Some universities pay limited attention to their surroundings but I have always been proud of Hofstra’s history of embracing the community in ways that clearly meet important needs.

What's in a Name?

Jill Filipovic's recent Guardian column on the politics of changing one's name on marrying drew a strong response, both in the comments to the article and in other blog posts. Many commenters seemed to feel accused of being bad feminists if they chose to change their names, and some of the anti-change writers did sound the teensiest bit judgmental of their more traditional (in US terms) sisters.

My Somewhat Spurious Post-AWP Survey

It'll take less time than it would to eat one of those artisan mini-cupcakes they had outside the bookfair entrance.

Pride and Persistence

Bob Blaisdell remembers a student who tried and tried but could not master the skills needed in remedial English.

Pre-Tenure Leadership

Early career faculty should demonstrate leadership through projects that also advance their teaching and research programs, Elizabeth Simmons writes.