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On AI and ‘Meaningful’ Feedback

If ChatGPT can do it, and if the purpose is learning, it’s not worth doing.

A graphic featuring a red arrow moving in a downward direction atop the word "BUDGET."

‘Colleges on the Brink’

Broken budgets, not hostile takeovers, are the biggest challenge for most presidents, Michael T. Nietzel and Charles M. Ambrose write.

A pencil lies atop a score sheet with multiple choice bubbles for a standardized test.

The Misguided War on Test Optional

Akil Bello argues defenders of test requirements attack student choice and institutional priority setting.

Network of heads of people connected by lines to each other

The Incalculable Benefits of an Advisory Network

It expands upon the idea of mentorship and broadens who can help you make decisions as you chart your career journey, writes Anne Meyer-Minor.

Coping With Loss

Grief is the price of love.

The letters "AI" in white against a blue background.

First Do No Harm

Jamie Paris asks if international students are being racially profiled when it comes to AI-related academic misconduct.

Aerial view of a student sitting at a desk next to a staff member with paperwork in front of them.

The Learning Room: Building Trust in One-on-One Student Appointments

Effective campus support—academic or otherwise—involves the student trusting the staff member, the staff member trusting the student and the student having self-trust.