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Marc Rowan, a white man with dark hair, seated, in front of a blue wall that bears the name of the event, the Forbes Iconoclast Summit.

It’s Not Donor Control: It’s Donor Activism

Withholding funds over antisemitism worries is a form of activism in line with higher ed’s mission, Noah D. Drezner writes.

Three men push against a wall-like barrier

Supporting First-Year Doctoral Students

Zora M. Wolfe, Katia Ciampa and Ashley DiRienzo share three ways to help remove some of the barriers students seeking Ph.D.s confront.

The Secret to Success With Rapidly Advancing Generative AI

It’s a head-spinning race to create the best in generative AI with Google’s Gemini release and OpenAI’s GPT5 expected to come out soon.

A drawing of an obviously stressed-out and overwhelmed female college student lying down, one hand on her head, and surrounded by notebooks and books.

The Liberal Arts’ Role in Mental Health

Discouraging students from studying fields they’re drawn to isn’t helping their mental health, Rosario Ceballo writes.

An image of a computer screen bearing the words "Direct Admissions" with a ladder and a graduation cap perched atop the screen

Direct Admissions: Too Late and Too Little

To boost college enrollment, interventions should be happening much earlier, Donald Hossler writes.

Higher Ed’s Top 10 Developments of 2023

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”