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Credential Confusion

A call for uniformity in practice and terminology.

Faded paintings of the Israeli and Palestinian flags on a brick wall, marked by blood splatters.

The Abuse of Scholar Activism

Ideologically driven scholar activism contributes to campus antisemitism, Rebecca Cypess writes.

Scientific Illiteracy Isn’t a Victimless Crime

What colleges can do to ensure that non-STEM majors acquire greater familiarity with the frontiers of scientific investigation.

Ride the AI Wave: 5 Simple Strategies for Higher Education

Amid the overwhelming noise of AI in every industry, it is vital for campus leaders and marketers to approach AI adoption in a strategic and intentional manner.

White cubes with black lettering spelling FACT is turned at the C and T to spell in red FAKE

We Are the Targets

Tamara Schwartz outlines how instructors can combat the information warfare that pervades society by teaching students information and disinformation literacy skills.

Three people sitting on or around a globe, suggesting they are working from different regions

Co-Editing Across Institutions

Robin Brooks and Meina Yates-Richard suggest five steps toward successful collaborations that extend scholarly conversations and benefit you and your university.

A close-up of a laptop and a person’s hands – one hand rests on the laptop as if typing while the other seems to hold drawings of a chat bot icon and chat bubbles.

Why You Shouldn’t Use ChatGPT

AI promises efficiency gains, but they come at the cost of alienation, Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin writes.