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Give Yourself a Sticker

We encourage our students to acknowledge the challenges of their work, set boundaries and take breaks, Sasha Bianca Goldman writes. But do we take our own advice?

Can an Academic Discipline Exhaust Itself?

Has U.S. history as an innovative field of academic research reached an endpoint? If so, where should junior scholars go from here?

A drawing of an envelope with a letter peeking out of it that reads, in large red letters, "ACCEPTED!"

Eliminating Early Decision Is Not the Answer

Ending ED isn’t the way to improve access, Robert Massa and Bill Conley write.

The book cover for Tobias Becker’s "Yesterday: A New History of Nostalgia" features a pastel-like cloudy sky blending into a sandy ocean beach.

Good Old Nostalgia

Scott McLemee reviews Tobias Becker’s Yesterday: A New History of Nostalgia.

3 Questions for Ph.D. Student Brittany Washington

A conversation with the author of a paper on contingent faculty.

Student sits at desk taking notes from a book, computer open by her side

Staged Assignments & Long-Ass Prompts

After years of trying to convince students it was in their best interest to start their research papers early, Zachary Nowak simply required them to.