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Cover of Ours Was the Shining Future by David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt’s New Book, a Call to Celebrate Every University Employee

Connecting the political and economic story told in Ours Was the Shining Future with universities as broad-based creators of jobs for all—especially the working class.


The Growing Public Disgust With the Ethos of Elite Private Universities

The causes and consequences of mounting public distrust of elite higher education.

A drawing of a faceless figure atop a ladder adding the top block to a vertical stack of alphabetical blocks that spell out "LUCK."

Welcome to the Admissions ‘Luckocracy’

The degree to which the college admission process is a meritocracy may be in question—but it’s most certainly a luckocracy, Jim Jump writes.

magnifying glass looks at letter with check marks that correspond to check marks on four little papers on the side--implying someone has "checked all the boxes"

Cultivating References Over the Long Haul

Kay Kimball Gruder describes how to be more intentional about this career practice so it’s a great process for you and those you ask for a recommendation.

From left to right, Claudine Gay, president of Harvard University, Elizabeth Magill, now former president of University of Pennsylvania, Pamela Nadell, professor of history and Jewish studies at American University, and Sally Kornbluth, president of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, testified before the House Education and Workforce Committee last week on the issue of antisemitism on campuses. In the photo of the hearing, Gay, in the foreground, is speaking.

Lessons on Moral Clarity From the Antisemitism Hearing

The presidents’ answers were not so much wrong as they were deaf to the moral imperatives of the moment, Karl Schonberg writes.

Accepted with an asterisk written in white letters on a black background

McCarthyism and Moral Panic

Policing of language among those who should uphold the university as a vital democratic space for debate has led to paranoia and anxious conditions, writes Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt.

A cyborg standing by a blank whiteboard as if at the front of a classroom.

AI Won’t Replace Writing Instruction

And here’s why, Mandy Olejnik writes.